Answer: Keep the phone near the device and try to reboot the EVlink by disconnecting and reconnecting power. EVlink runs in configuration mode 4 minutes long.
Answer: The only way to recover the device is by performing a hard reset. Check the section 7 of the manual for more instruction on how to do it.
Answer: Please preserve the Plant File downloaded when the configuration of the first EVlink is completed. When you configure other EVlinks, just upload this plant file in the configuration page of each EVlink. By sharing the Plant File among EVlinks, they will share the same plant group. To connect this plant to your account, you need to upload the plant file only once in your EPoCA profile.
Answer: Try to perform the Network test by connecting to the same Wi-Fi network used by the EVlink. Go to the Settings section and check the Network Test.
Answer: To complete the registration you need a valid Internet connection. Check if the phone is connected to a valid Wi-Fi or if the mobile data are available.
Answer: It is not possible to configure more than one EVlink Wi-Fi at the same time. The Evlink Wi-Fi modules shall be powered and configured one by one.